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MaryJane.com Snoop Dogg’s Latest Cannabis Enterprise

MaryJane.com Snoop Dogg’s Latest Cannabis Enterprise

Ancillary businesses are thought to be pretty safe. Lots of pot-related websites are popping up. Some similar, but ready to compete in their market. Think Leafy and Weedmaps. Others have a particular bend or are going after a certain segment like patients, daters, those interested in the business aspect, people after knowledge on specific strains, and more. Entrepreneurs thinking of launching a cannabis-based website however should be aware of what is out there, and what is up and coming. Can your idea touch an already established, pot paragon? What are you doing differently? You see, Snoop D-o-double-g is already on it.

The world famous California rapper, reggae artist, actor, and pot enthusiast made headway in the industry previously with a popular herbal vape pen. Now he is launching a website dedicated to all things pot-related, MaryJane.com. It is slated to be a multimedia nexus point where fellow enthusiasts can get the latest information, and everything you need to know about the stoner lifestyle. It plans to cover every aspect: the business side, pot politics, celebrity interviews, different strands of marijuana and their qualities, medical information, and even a cannabis cooking show.

The announcement came at the latest TechCrunch Disrupt Conference in San Francisco. Calvin Broadus Jr., also known as Snoop Dogg (Snoop Lion?) called it, “the encyclopedia to the cannabis world.” He told the Hollywood Reporter that his site would fill a niche in the industry. The website will have a video tab including an original show series, with each episode portraying a different aspect of the lifestyle. Ted Chung is the co-founder of the site, and Seth Rogen is also said to be involved. The website will have an accompanying app.

Snoop’s vape pen line has been a hit with those in the know. Whether the website will see the same popularity remains to be seen. There are plenty of other cannabis-based platforms available that have gotten a head start. But Snoop Dogg has the name recognition, and legions of loyal fans. Other sites usually offer one specific aspect such as medical marijuana, growing, or the business side. Snoop’s name recognition and a platform that is a one-stop-shop for all things cannabis, may prove a successful combination. Who knows? The site may someday become a pot-related media powerhouse.


About Dr. Muhammad Mirza

Dr. Muhammad Mirza, Medical Director and Founder of Allied Medical and Diagnostic Services, L.L.C., based in New Jersey and Manhattan, is a board certified physician whose vision of providing convenient, personalized access to quality health care is being realized today through his online healthcare portals. Follow him @DrMirzaMD on Twitter


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